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30 avril 2018

Hi, English speakers!

(français en-dessous)

Dear readers,

It’s been a while now that I’m thinking about this, but I finally took the step.
Indeed, if you know Geraldine’s blog, you know the thing I want to talk about.

As you may know, I try to read more in English because I’m a big fan of this language, and some of the books I read are not translated in French. 
It’s been a few months now that I’ve noticed people coming from the USA or Canada that read my blog, and it feels me with joy! But I know Google Translation is not reliable, and I thought: why not write part of my reviews in English so English speakers can know my feelings about the book?

From now on, there will be at the beginning of my reviews a little paragraph (or more, depending on what I have to say on the book) written in English, followed of course by my French review as usual.

As well as maybe help English speakers who want to read my reviews, it will also help me improve my writing skills! So I ask you please to be indulgent with me and not criticize my English -- I’m doing my best.

Lots of love,


Hello les amis,

Je ne vais pas réécrire tout ce que j’ai dit au-dessus mais sachez qu’à partir de maintenant, il y aura un petit paragraphe (ou deux, ou trois...) au début de chacune de mes chroniques en anglais :) Bien sûr, il sera suivi par ma chronique habituelle, ça ne changera donc rien pour vous ! 

Des bisous,